Daniel Levi and Sander Mölder unite to release a compelling double-single exploring the depths and heights of soulful indie pop

Estonian pop artist Daniel Levi and composer-producer Sander Mölder have released two fruits of their collaboration “High Roads” and “Hazelnut” as a double single. The two tracks explore different facets of the indie rock sound showing depth with “High Roads” and radiating joy with “Hazelnut”.

“High Roads” is a softer slow-paced build-up of an indie rock tune charged with raw emotion that depicts the contrast between the different lives we all lead. Sander Mölder has created an authentic soundscape around the Bon Iver inspired chord progression and Daniel’s subtle yet powerful falsetto curating a soulful and spiritual experience for its listeners.

As Daniel and Sander got together to work on “High Roads” another more lighthearted song was born. “The song we were working on was already taking shape, the mood was great, warm summer winds came in from the open windows and it just felt like we have some more creative energy within us,” explained Mölder about the creation of “Hazelnut”. “This one turned out to be a really fun track about the light-footed feeling of falling for somebody,” added Daniel.

Daniel Levi and Sander Mölder are both dominant forces in the Estonian music scene. Daniel Levi is a well known Estonian pop artist with American roots and influences giving him and his band a unique sound in the Estonian music arena as they infect the Nordic crowds with their undeniable energy and high-spirited live performances. Sander Mölder is an Estonian composer and producer who won both best debut and best electronic album titles for his album “TIKS 068” in the Estonian Music Awards 2019. This is the first time Daniel Levi and Sander Mölder have collaborated together on a project.



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