Erki Pärnoja releases a new acoustic session video of his latest single “Leva”

Erki Pärnoja releases an acoustic and orchestral live take on his latest single “Leva”. The new version — recorded in a casual living room session atmosphere in Tallinn — strips away the original’s characteristic reverby telecaster lines, replaces it with a repetitive classical guitar ostinato and highlights the meaning and depth of the song with the help of a dynamic string quartet. This version of “Leva” can be considered somewhat of a landmark in Pärnoja’s search for a new sound.

“This song is a very dear one of mine and I wanted to see if a new arrangement can take me closer to the whole essence of it and so it clearly did. I think recording this version brought me much closer to what I want my new tracks to sound like — at least it led me to a new direction that I am very fascinated about. I feel excited to start experimenting with a more orchestral approach to my music — it just expands the songs in depth, adds more layers to the music and this opens up new dimensions.“ Recorded as a collaboration between Erki Pärnoja’s band, Estonian singer-songwriter Anna Kaneelina and Tallinn based string quartet Prezioso, the new acoustic version of “Leva” is a cohesive symbiosis between the orchestral and the guitar driven dreamy sound scapes familiar from Pärnoja's previous releases. The video was created by Widescreen Studios who've notably worked on the visual worlds of Estonian rapper Tommy Cash.

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