Erki Pärnoja's new album "Leva" coming out in February

Erki Pärnoja's new album "Leva" coming out on 12th of February. Following the release Erki will be going on an extensive solo tour around Estonia to introduce the album.

On his fourth album “Leva”, Estonian guitarist and songwriter Erki Pärnoja offers seven tracks that on the one hand retain influences of its predecessors “Himmelbjerget” (2015), “Efterglow” (2017) and “Saja Lugu” (2018) but on the other hand form a fresh and independent entirety in the musical path of the Tallinn based musician. Pulsating between euforia and melancholia Pärnoja's fresh work is more diverese and sentsitive bringing in his vocal as a brand new facet compared to his previous instrumental albums. Recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden early 2019, the album sets a milestone in his discography for many reasons — besides the dreamy-reverby soundscapes and mercurial telecaster lines one can now hear a more orchestral perspective to Pärnoja's melodic language.  

Tour dates:

19.02 Vana-Vigala Rahvamaja, Raplamaa
22.02 Konguta Rahvamaja, Tartumaa
23.02 Kunda Linna Klubi, Lääne-Virumaa
25.02 Pajusti Klubi, Lääne-Virumaa
26.02 Palamuse Rahvamaja, Jõgevamaa
03.03 Kärla Rahvamaja, Saaremaa
06.03 Haanja Rahvamaja, Võrumaa
10.03 Saku Mõis, Harjumaa
11.03 Imavere Rahvamaja, Järvamaa
13.03 Toila Kultuurimaja, Ida-Virumaa
14.03 Lüllemäe Kultuurimaja, Valgamaa
18.03 Philly Joe’s Narva, Ida-Virumaa

Tickets on sale before the concerts on location.
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