For Piano Day 2022 Erki Pärnoja releases EP "Volga: Six Pieces for Piano"

For the International Piano Day March 29 Estonian composer and guitarist Erki Pärnoja perhaps somewhat unexpectedly offers six tracks solely for piano. Performed by the author the EP presents us with unreleased tracks dating back to 2008, some new takes on selected tracks from his previous albums and a couple of completely new one's written specifically for that occasion. Recorded in Tallinn in January 2022 with signature touches added by producer and long-time collaborator Filip Leyman in Gothenburg.

“I composed the title track in Sweden in the spring of 2008. It’s the story of a journey down a broad and mighty river that carried a family to a foreign land in 1940 – a place far from their home and everything they knew and held dear. Volga holds my family’s history: a sister on one riverbank, a brother on the other, fondly remembering each other but no longer listening, knowing, or understanding…” says the author Erki Pärnoja.

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