Old soviet architectural gem in the new music video of pop folk artist Egert Milder

Pop folk artist Egert Milder just released a powerful new song “Free Again” along with an emotional and visually captivating music video that was filmed in a majestic old soviet state farm.

The video tells a sincere story about a young man who has just moved to a small town and is desperately trying to keep this old soviet state farm building alive. He sees all the practical hardships through the lens of a child but reality hits hard and despite his tireless efforts, nothing seems to be going his way. 

“”Free Again” talks about this magical sense of freedom that we experience in our childhood and that we really never get back as adults”, explained Egert Milder.

The video was created by the award winning director Helen Takkin along with a team of about 20 people. “In the beginning of the summer when there was less work because of the pandemic, we took up a trip and travelled through a lot of old soviet buildings in Estonia. There are so many architectural gems, that are just left empty or falling apart. When Egert turned to me with the idea for a video, this building immediately came to my mind. The real owner of that old state farm is also doing his best to maintain it and protect it from vandalism and collapsing. It seemed like a beautiful idea to show this small town and tell the story of the building. We tell the story that a lot of people go through, trying to keep small places alive,” shares director Helen Takkin her perspective of the video.

The song “Free Again” is written by Egert Milder along with a German songwriter and producer Matteo Capreoli and Kaspar Kalluste, producer/songwriter from Estonia. The three have collaborated on all the released songs to date by Egert Milder and continue writing together.

“Free Again” is also part of the Estonian national selection for Eurovision 2021.

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