New Remix by NOËP for Daniel Levi’s song Flowers

NOËP and Daniel Levi co-released a Remix to Daniel Levi’s single Flowers that came out last year in November.
The original song which was also written by Daniel Levi Viinalass and Andres Kõpper aka NOËP is about honesty and how quick fixes to problems aren’t always the best way to go in relationships.

For NOËP this is the first official Remix that he has released. “While producing the original song we ended up having quite many different versions of “Flowers”. One of them, a juicier version is what now is called a Remix. I like that version of it, I hope other will as well,” say’s Andres.

“I like that this Remix, having a totally different sound, gives people the opportunity to discover the message of the song from a whole new perspective. I know that the original Flowers was used quite a lot in gyms as a song for stretching. I guess now you can use the Remix of the same song to get your pulse up!” adds Daniel Levi Viinalass.

New catchy remix to the song Flowers is out now in Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Also take a look at the video where Daniel and Andres talk about working together and the story behind “Flowers”.

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