Anna Kaneelina LP

Having released her debut album in the beginning of 2019 Tallinn based singer-songwriter Anna Kaneelina received 4 awards at Estonian Music Awards 2020 – female artist of the year, album of the year, alternative/indie album of the year, debut album of the year. Her fragile power mixed with honest and shy I’m-ready-to-shine energy makes her and her music both raw and ripe at the same time. Anna Kaneelina is an urban witch who’s not afraid of sharing her inner world – charming with her vulnerability and deep unworldly wildness. Ethereal pop with toxic effects.

Track list:

1. This is the Moment (04:31)
2. Washington (04:50)
3. Thunder (05:42)
4. Simple True (06:04)
5. Baby (04:46)
6. Mother (08:16)
7. Lilledes (03:46)
8. Apple Tree (04:34)
9. What Have I Done for Love (07:40)
10. Traveller (02:30)